We all want to get better, faster, at playing guitar.

I know whenever I began playing guitar..I couldn’t get good enough fast enough. I first thought, “Man, whenever I’ve been playing for a year I’ll be good.” When a year got here I thought, “Man, when I’ve been playing for 3 years, then I’ll be good.” And of course at 3 years I thought, “Man, I still suck. When I’ve been playing for 6 years I’ll be good.”

Finally, about 12 years into it, I realized that I’ll never feel like I’m that great. I’ll always see where I can improve and how others are better than me. Everything I can do well seems old, ordinary to me. However, the truth is, to others it’s not. It may be old to me, but it’s new and difficult for many, many guitarists. The reason is because, anything I’m able to do easily, is something that I’ve done a million times. The stuff I haven’t done a million times, I don’t usually break it out when I’m playing live.

So no matter what your skill level is now. Ask yourself, “Am I better than I was last week or last month?” If the answer is yes, then you’re doing pretty darn good! It’s the sitting in one spot that sucks! Always make sure you have something in place that will keep you on track to learning and getting better. That could be setting a schedule, putting practicing onto your calendar, taking regular lessons, buying a DVD or course, buying new gear…anything that will push you to continue forward on a regular basis.

Another good thought, although you may not feel like you’re that great, that’s actually a good thing because that is what pushes you to continue to grow.

Keep these things in mind when learning guitar.

And another thought about getting better faster…

Learn your fretboard bit by bit. Learn the notes on your fretboard markers. Do this 3 dots at a time on one string and associate these notes to chords you can play. The better you know your fretboard, the more creative you’ll be, the easier it will be to learn other songs, and better you’ll play guitar altogether. So learn it!

Here’s a little video clip I just uploaded from one of my upcoming lessons. Check it out and let me know if you need any help on anything.

Keep Rockin!



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