Here’s a video clip I took during a lesson the other day about using hammer-ons to make your open chords more fun to play as well as sound much more “tasteful”.

We were working on the song What Are You Listening To by Chris Stapleton..which is a great tune, by the way.

The song isn’t hard. It’s basically capo on 3 and use G Am C D and some variations here and there, then over the chorus we add in an Em and switch it up a bit which we won’t get into here, but if you listen to the live version you’ll hear some great sounding hammer-ons when switching chords. This stuff really isn’t super hard to do, but will take a bit of practice.

First thing you should definitely know in order to put these ideas to work effectively, is your open chords and the G Major scale in the open position. This way you’ll have all the notes you need to add in extra hammer-ons and pull-offs whenever you want. The great thing about playing in the key of G is, all your open strings are part of the key of G. This means you can hammer-on to any open chord from any open string (or multiple open strings) or pull-off from any open chord to an open string (less likely to use multiples this way), and it’s always going to sound good.

Check out this video and give it a shot!

…Oh yes! Also check out the live version of the song as well and you’ll be able to see a little better what we’re talking about. The song is called What Are You Listening To by Chris Stapleton

…and you’re welcome :)


Keep Rockin,


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