Let’s make your guitar easier to play. This is part 1 of this series called How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play.
If you’re having trouble with thumping or buzzing strings…this could be your problem.
I see this very often when my students are struggling to get a good sound out of their guitar.
You see..very often in the early stages of guitar, a person’s guitar is actually giving them more problems than their “non guitar player” hands.
Here’s the Good News..
 It may not be you or your lack of skill or strength. It might be your guitars fault.
 Here’s the deal, most of us (yes…I did this too) start out playing guitar on a cheapo junker that cost a hundred bucks…or maybe you got it handed down to you for free..
 There’s nothing wrong with this. I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to drop a grand on something they don’t know if they will continue to use it for the years to come..
 The crazy thing is, what’s happening is…when we are the worst player we can possibly be, we are trying to play on the hardest guitar possible to play.
So..if this is you…
And yes, I am talking to you if:
1) You bought the cheapest guitar you could find.
2) You or somebody you knew had a guitar just lying around for years and that’s the one you’re using.
3) You bought a guitar that you saw advertised on an INFOMERCIAL on the Home Shopping Network…and I don’t care if its Esteban, or Urban, or Randy Jackson…
Yes, sorry to say, you bought a turd guitar too.
But that’s ok!
Because no matter what guitar you have, in this video..
…And make your guitar easier to play..
..yes..make your guitar it much much easier to play right now.
  • Does your guitar need it? How To Tell
  • How to do it
  • What tools you need (and probably have)
  • An easy trick that normal guitar techs will never do for you…the “Over Adjustment” for a cheap guitar that saved many of my students from spending $120 on a much needed guitar setup.
So watch the video…Give it a go and I’ll talk to you soon!
PS.  In the next video in this series I’ll show you some deeper detail on guitar setups. You may actually want to do this second step first…but it’s harder and sometimes unnecessary..
And since it’s not always necessary, and is more difficult, I’ll show you this part next.

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