Welcome back to this little series called How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play.
I hope you enjoyed that last video on adjusting your guitar neck, and I really hope you were able to utilize that info to make things easier for you.
These two videos will literally make your guitar easier to play if you follow them and will save you an easy $100 or more on a guitar set up.
…well worth a watch even if it’s just for future reference.
Now for part 2 of How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play.
In this new video we will be pulling out the bridge saddle and shaving it down which will lower the guitar strings…thus making it easier to play.
All you’ll really need is to loosen up your strings, some sandpaper, and maybe some pliers. 
So…first off..here are the steps to take
1) Grab your string winder and loosen up all your strings until they are EXTREMELY loose.
2) Grab a small set of pliers and pull your bridge saddle out. You may even be able to just use your fingers..if not..use the pliers
3) Take a mechanical pencil and put a very thin black line across the bottom of the saddle.
4) Take your sandpaper and shave off the BOTTOM of the bridge saddle until the pencil line disappears.
5) Insert bridge saddle back into the bridge of the guitar and tune up your strings.
6) Check the action height of the strings to see if you like it or if you want to shave off a little more.
7) Repeat if necessary
No time to waste…time to get your guitar in better shape..
Let’s do it!
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How to make your guitar easier to play image 2

How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play Part 2 

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