Attention Aspiring Musicians:

Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets of Playing Guitar Like a Professional?

My Amazing New Masterclasses Will Give You the Techniques, Knowledge and Confidence You Need to Pick up Your Guitar and Play Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

Ask yourself these questions…

Are you serious about becoming a guitar player? Not just someone who knows a few chords and can strum, but someone who CAN PLAY!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to play all over your guitar?

Not just strumming on a few open chords, but moving all over and actually understanding what you are doing?

When you learn a new song on YouTube, do you feel that you now have new knowledge and new skills that you can use and apply to everything else you can already play, making you look and sound like a better player not only to yourself, but to everyone else as well?

When you learn something new, do you actually feel like a better player, like you now know more about music and about your guitar?

…or do you feel that you just learned to use the same old skills to put chords in a different order?

Does each song you play seem to be just another way of doing the same ole thing?

Each time you learn a new lick or trick, do think, “Sweet and I can use this idea all over the guitar!” or is it more like, “Well now I can play this little piece of a song…hmmm…what else can I do today?”

Are the things you are currently doing and learning really making you feel like you are getting better and growing every week, or do you feel like you are just kinda doodling around and not really making much progress?

Are you nodding your head in agreement here?

I understand, because not only have I heard these issues from new students over the years, before I start teaching them, but I’ve experienced exactly the same myself.

My name is Micah Lipsmeyer. From the moment I started playing guitar at the age of 18, it’s been my life. I’ve played professionally in shows, tours and music festivals across the United States, and I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years.

I know for myself, that I eventually got to a point that I could strum a few rhythms, I could play pretty much all of the open chords, and use my capo to play nearly anything I wanted. I could pretty much learn to do just about anything with enough practice and repetition. I began to wonder, “What’s the next thing I need in order to get better as a player?”

Everything I did seemed to sound the same. I liked learning new songs, but just learning a new song didn’t make me feel any better of a player. I would go to the music store “testing” out guitars, amps and what not, and pretty much just played songs (or pieces of songs) I knew how to play.

But there would always be other guys in there ripping it up…killing it…doing only lord knows what with their guitar and I didn’t have a clue what it was.

But I wanted to know.

I wanted to be able to just start playing music…not a song that was already written, but just pick up a sweet looking guitar and make that thing sing by putting my hand and fingers in random places, putting random notes and chords together to make something cool come out.
Well for me “learning the next thing” was quite a long process. It wasn’t until years later, when I had slowly, over the years, grown into a better player and started teaching other players, that I realized what it was I had been missing way back then…and what many of the people coming to me for lessons were missing now.

Nowadays, people call me when they are stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Why? Because I can see, after talking with them and seeing what and how well they play, what they are missing and what is the next step (or steps) they should take in order to improve and become a better player. They don’t come to me to show them something new to do.
Nope, they can get all the new things they want on YouTube. They come to me because they don’t know WHAT it is they are missing. They don’t know what it is that’s standing between themselves and the next level of playing that they are missing out on.

I know what the common problems and issues are that are generally in the way of most beginner and intermediate players from reaching new skill levels.

I can also spot uncommon problems that will stop a player from getting better. It’s become easy for me these days. But I think one reason is because I remember where it was in my journey that the different light bulbs would pop on in my own learning process. I also see in others that I teach when and where these lightbulbs pop on..the tiny little pieces to the “musical puzzle” here and there that are missing and stopping them from reaching the next level in their own guitar playing.
When I discovered certain things it was like a new world of guitar opened up as well. Some of this I got on my own, some of it from YouTube, some of it from my some of my different guitar teachers, some from other musicians and guitar players, some from books, DVDs, audios etc.
So now when I take on a new beginner player, I do all I can do to instill in them these small bits of information and knowledge along the way, and make sure they are retaining it. Not only do they become a better player faster, but they also gain the necessary knowledge about music and about the guitar and how it works, so that they don’t have to go through the slow, grueling process of learning these things years down the road after they’ve found themselves sitting in one place for two years or more, wondering why they haven’t been getting any better.

So what exactly are the things that are getting in the way of you playing like a pro?

Well, the answer is: Many things.

This is why people usually continue taking lessons with me for months, and often times many years, spending lots of time and money with me each month. It’s not because I give them new information every week, like I said, you can get new, great, guitar information from the internet every single day. But here’s the thing, I have to continue to help them line up all the knowledge they are missing with the skill they already have, teach them how to apply it with what they can already do.

Now, I know,I know…you were looking for some “super-secret” information and I kinda gave you the shaft. I apologize for that. But there really isn’t a short answer. It takes many, many lessons of…

  • Learning about music, notes, chords, combinations and intervals.
  • Learning different songs that help one to understand these things better and how they are being used in a legitimate setting.
  • Learning about rhythm and different rhythm dynamics that help one to make this song feel this way and that song to feel that way.
  • Developing timing and consistency so that one hand stays on track and on pace no matter what the other hand is doing. Developing the “machine” type rhythm.
  • Showing a student what exactly is going on in the song musically and why and how it makes sense.
  • Then applying that musical knowledge to the guitar and showing them different variations so that they can apply it in other songs.

Then, with each song, learning different concepts, then helping them apply in another scenario..actually walking with them and helping them apply it. This is the only way the “new info” we were talking about actually is transformed into new skill.
But to give you an idea, it’s really what I’ve already said. The issues generally boil down to a few big things that also have to be broken down to smaller things and applied over time and different scenarios. The more different scenarios we can apply these things, the better we understand each one, and the better each of those things actually become a part of us. This way we no longer have to think and “try” to do things a certain way, but we just do them…naturally..without thinking..and it sounds great!

So here are the main things that stop players from getting better, cause players to sit stagnant for years, and stop them from developing the skills that would allow them to enjoy playing guitar to the absolute fullest while playing at their top potential each step of the way:

  1. They don’t understand music and how it works.
  2. They don’t know their fretboard.
  3. They don’t understand the logic behind the way the fretboard notes are set up.
  4. They don’t understand rhythm dynamics and how to apply them.

You see, the guitar isn’t just a bunch of random strings and notes. There is a formula to it. Understanding this formula is what sets you free!

Do you want to be set free in your guitar playing? There is a logic behind it that will begin to make things clear as you begin to learn and implement that logic.
There are shapes and patterns that, once you begin to fully understand through learning and putting it into practice, will enable you to NEVER FEEL LOST. You will always know where you can go. You will never run out of new ideas!

But don’t get ahead of yourself! There’s work to be done, concepts to learn, songs to put these concepts together, and guitar playing to do.

This is not something that can be put together in a single lesson. It has to be taught, exercised and implemented over time and over several lessons.
As I said before, these things can take months and even years to get under your belt.
I know you want this. I know you need this. I know it because I know how bad I wanted it back years ago. I also know how much more free I became as a player when I began to understand these things.
To use the old phrase, “The truth will set you free.” This is true! When you understand what’s really going one here. You’ll be free to utilize your guitar how you want. You’ll have endless possibilities to try out and become good at.

This Logic, Understanding, Song Creativity and Fretboard Freedom is something I want you to have.

That’s why I’ve created my Guitar Freedom Song Masterclasses that will teach you these concepts in real time.


You’ll be able to apply it and put it into practice immediately.

I’m going to take songs, simple songs that you can handle, and begin adding in these concepts and Fretboard and Musical Logic, so that as you learn these songs and watch these lessons, piece by piece you will begin to see your guitar in a whole new light.

The guitar will open up for you.

You will begin to see how you can apply multiple ideas that you learn here to other songs and even in your own songs.

You will be able to play all over your guitar and actually understand what you’re doing.

Remember the guys at the music store that are just working all up and down the fretboard and you didn’t know what they were doing?

Well you will now know…and even better..

You will be becoming one of them.

You’re going to be learning to implement the same ideas they are using to dominate their guitar. And you will be confident in your path to get there.

Trying to sit down and memorize each and every single note on your guitar is ridiculous, AND, it doesn’t help!

How do I know?

Because I did it. It’s useless!

But when I learned about the shapes and formulas and how to apply them, and I won’t lie, this did take some time, and as I exercised them and began to become more and more familiar with it all…

Not only did it make me a much better and more exciting rhythm guitar player, but it made my LEAD playing skill 10 times better and 10 times more exciting, not only to listen to, but to play as well!

It literally made playing guitar WAAAAY more fun!

As soon as it all began to make sense – new worlds opened up and playing guitar was even more of a blast than it was before!

Are you ready to learn the ‘missing link’ that will take your abilities to the next level?

When you sign up for my brand new Guitar Freedom Song Masterclass Series you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Really digging in and learning your guitar, utilizing shapes, and really what makes this thing tick.
  • Learning your fretboard while playing songs instead of aimlessly memorizing notes with no concept of how to utilize that knowledge.
  • Stepping stones that help you build up a certain skill. Not just showing you how to do something, but giving you tools and stepping stones that help you develop that skill to a higher level.
  • Multiple ways of doing things. There is often times more than one way to play something. You will be able to see what you like the best for you, but also giving you a better understanding of your guitar and making you a better player.
  • Lifetime access to these lessons to watch over and over again. For my live students, they only get a lesson once before it’s gone, other than the materials. These Masterclass lessons are yours to keep for reviewing and increasing your clarity, really helping you to dig in and learn your guitar and just ‘milk’ these songs for all they are worth.
  • Being on a level that’s so much higher than the average player’s guitar knowledge. You won’t just have the ability to play these songs, but you will understand how music works, and how each of these concepts can be carried over to other songs and applied over and over and over again. Which if you really think about it is incredible. Knowing these awesome musical concepts is the reason that good players are able to jump in with other players they’ve never played with, not even knowing the song, and play like they’ve been rehearsing together for weeks.

These concepts have to be learned, applied and reapplied on a regular basis and in different scenarios in order for a player to really grasp and apply them to their playing abilities. You will have several different songs to use them on as well as show how you can utilize these ideas with other songs you know.
They start out very basic and increase in knowledge level so that you will grow along with the series and not feel like you’re missing something.

The Incredible Content in This Guitar Freedom Song Masterclass Series is PRICELESS to Anyone Looking for the Sense of Satisfaction and Achievement that Comes With Learning the Insider Tricks to Playing Like a Pro


I say priceless, but there’s going to have to be a price tag on this series, because I’ve put my blood, sweat, tears, and years of guitar mastery into it!

The good news is…

For students signing up in the immediate future, I’m offering it for just $XXX.

That’s all! Just a one-time payment of $XXX – no monthly direct debit, no paying ‘per unit’, all you need to do is sign up HERE and that’s all you’ll have to pay.

moneyBack-e1446369721173THAT’S NOT ALL: Check Out My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely satisfied with the Guitar Freedom Song Masterclass Series which is why it’s covered by a no questions asked, money back guarantee if you’re in any way unsatisfied. It’s completely risk-free.

If at any point during the masterclasses you decide you’re not happy, for whatever reason – just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with the course, which is why your purchase is 100% guaranteed!


You’ve been strumming on open chords for a while and beginning to wonder, “What else is there to playing guitar? What else could I be doing that’s more than what I’m doing now?”

Now you’ve found the answer, and all you need to do is register today!

Micah Lipsmeyer

P.S. I’m going to share with you the skills I’ve developed as a guitar teacher and a full time gigging musician, as well as the tricks I’ve learned with the songs I play (and I play hundreds of songs). I know that regular folks don’t usually know what I know, and I really want you to benefit from my knowledge, which is why this first offering of my Guitar Freedom Songs Masterclass Series at such a low price.

P.P.S. Still not sure if it’s for you? Don’t forget the fantastic 100% money back guarantee when you register – you really can’t lose!

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