Guidance, Motivation, Practice, Focus…These are what we need to maintain steady progress when learning to play guitar. Now we have to decide what is best for you…

Which way to go??

Starting with guidance..Guidance is basically showing you what the next step is as you need it and helping you around any obstacles you may come across. It’s exactly what you need to do in order to improve. Guidance comes from a person on the outside looking in. This person sees a much larger picture than you can see from the inside. When starting out learning to play guitar, you’re in the midst of a jungle of information, but all of that information isn’t what you need. You don’t need to go around every Mary-go-round in the park. You need the path from where you are to where you want to go.


The problem here is not only what you need, it’s WHEN you need it…which is where the actual coaching comes into place. No matter how self motivated you may be, you will always do better and move faster with the right person coaching you. This is actually the largest problem I see with online lessons currently. Online websites are obsessed with bringing in more and more content. They brag on how many videos and lessons they have, claiming that more lessons brings more value. But this isn’t the case and never will be. More isn’t better. The right one thing at the right time is much, much better. We need information and coaching that will bring us through, step by step from where we currently are to a specific destination.


This is where I came up with the concept for 90 Day Guitar. Is it the only way to learn to play guitar? Of course not. There’s always more than one way to go about doing something. But it is one way. It’s step by step instruction in the right order that if one were to follow the plan and actually DO and IMPLEMENT that plan step by step for 90 Days instead of wandering around YouTube everyday, they would make the progress of not just doodling around, but being able to play songs they know on guitar…and build the speed and abilities to sound better than they would just wandering around the Internet.


Many times we don’t even know where we want to go, but we want to go somewhere. We need an idea of what else is out there and someone to help us decide on which destination should be our next goal. This is where coaching comes in and this is where specific products or courses would come into play. What is it exactly that you want to do or learn? Just as well, some people have short legs and some people have long legs; which means, even once a person knows where they want to go, some people need more stepping stones placed close together in order to reach their destination, while others can skip some of the smaller stepping stones.


There will be times in your playing when you find yourself at the base of a mountain that you want to climb, but you don’t have all the tools (skills and fundamentals) in your pack to do it. So you have to go back (backtrack), find someone to tell you what you need and a store to purchase (acquire and build) the necessary tools to actually reach your destination. You’ve never climbed that mountain before, how were you supposed to know what you would need? Well, if you had the right guidance, you could have saved the trouble of backtracking. But, to be fair, I think we will all have to backtrack sometimes. It’s like the ole “three steps forward two steps back” thing. We often times have to push on forward in order to see what we missed.


You decide where you find your guidance. Personally, I’ve done it all: in-person private lessons, in person classes, books, online courses, online memberships, guitar video games, guitar apps, etc. I’ll give anything a shot. Honestly, I find that I did learn something from everything. But I do prefer some methods over others. I’ll give my opinions on each in another blog. Right now, I’d like to know what you think.

My questions to you as you learn guitar: Where could you use some extra guidance and what’s your preferred way of getting that guidance? What area of your playing could you use a few extra stepping stones? Let me know in the comments below or in email.

Next, we’re coming to Motivation. Keep an eye out for the next blog and we will talk about what it takes to keep you moving forward even when you aren’t really feeling inspired at the moment.

Until then, keep moving, keep growing, and keep rockin!

Your fellow guitar player,



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